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Copyright Joy By Oriana Curti

Crafting Beauty, One Feather at a Time:

At "JOY By Oriana Curti, each accessory is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by one skilled artisan who share a deep appreciation for nature's wonders. I believe in the artistry of handcrafted pieces and aim to preserve the essence of every feather, transforming them into stunning accessories that transcend trends.

Joy By Oriana Curti, Feather Accessories
Copyright Joy By Oriana Curti
All our products, designs, and artistic creations are protected by copyright. This means that each piece you purchase is not just an accessory; it's a unique masterpiece crafted with dedication and innovation.


In a world that often rushes past the intricate beauty of nature, "JOY BY ORIANA CURTI was born out of a desire to bring the elegance of feathers into the forefront of fashion.

Founded by "Oriana Curti" a passionate artisan with a love for creativity and craftsmanship, our online store is a haven for those seeking unique and handmade accessories that tell a story.

Nature as Inspiration:

Nature has always been my greatest muse. The vibrant plumage of birds, the softness of down, and the intricate details of each feather sparked a desire to create accessories that not only celebrate nature's beauty but also tell a story of connection and appreciation.


The Artist
"Oriana Curti"

Hello, I'm "Oriana Curti", the creative mind behind "JOY By Oriana Curti".

From 20 years, I found solace in the world of fashion & creativity, being a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist and the delicate beauty of feathers, with their unique patterns and textures, captured my imagination.

What began as a hobby soon evolved into a deep passion for craftsmanship, as I explored the art of transforming feathers into exquisite accessories.

Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey:

The decision to turn my passion into a business was fueled by a desire to share the magic of handmade accessories with the world. "JOY By Oriana Curti is more than just an e-commerce store; it's a manifestation of my dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the belief that fashion can be both beautiful and conscious.

Dive into My online boutique and discover a curated collection of feather accessories ranging from bohemian bracelet to sophisticated headpieces. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant hues of peacock feathers or the soft elegance of pheasant  plumes, our collection has something to complement every style.

Baseball Cap JoyByOrianaCurti
Bracelet JoyByOrianaCurti
Hat JoyByOrianaCurti
Joy By Oriana Curti, Feather Accessories


No two feathers are alike, and at "Joy By Oriana Curti, I celebrate the uniqueness of each creation. Our accessories are not just adornments; they are expressions of individuality, telling stories of nature's diversity and the hands that crafted them.



My commitment goes beyond creating beautiful accessories; we are dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices. Every feather used is sourced responsibly, ensuring that our creations have a positive impact on both style and the environment. We believe that fashion can be beautiful and conscious.



" Exploring the Uniqueness of My Exclusive Headpiece Collection For Photoshooting"

« Experience the epitome of elegance with our uniquely crafted, high-quality feathered accessories, where every piece is a testament to the artistry of handmade perfection.»

Joy By Oriana Curti


Oriana Curti

IVA IT07786380969

Milan, Italy

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